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    Filtro Frigorífico Mod. 6002
    • Filtro Frigorífico Mod. 6002

    Filter Refrigerator Mod. 6002A


      Filter for various brands of refrigerators.

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      KSDN595OP, KSN575BIOOP,

      S20CCSS311, S25CCSS311,


      GC2027HXKB, GC2027HXKSI, GC2027HXKW, SAL2027GBB, SAL2027GBS,


      54232, KRSM9005,

      MSZ801DF(UK), MSZ802DF(AUS), MSZ802DF(EX), MSZ802DF(UK), MSZ802DF/HA, MSZ803DF(UK), MSZ806DF(UK), MSZ822DF/HA, MSZ826DF/HA, MSZ900DF(UK), MSZ902DF, MSZ902DF(EX)/HA, MSZ902DF(UK), MSZ902DF/HA, MSZ906DF(UK), MSZ926DF/HA, 54232, MSZ803DF, MSZ806DF, MSZ910NDF, MSZ912NDF, MSZ916NDF,

      FA550X2, FA550XBI2, FA561XF, FA720X2, S20STRP, S20STRP2, S25STRP, S25STRP2, SRA20NE, SRA20NE2, SRA20X1, SRA20X2, FA550X2, FA550XBI, FA550XBI2, GenesiGFR9, GenesiRC510SNF, NF1650, NF660I, SRA20X, SRA20X1, SRA20X2, SRA41325,

      MSZ802DF, XBZ800AENF/HA,


      20BI, 20BIL4, 20BIL4A+, 20BIL4A+(excludingItaly), 20BIL4L/A+, 20FBL4/A+, 20R1D3A+ST, 20RAD3A+SF, 20RAD3SF, 20RBD3, 20RBD3A+SF, 20RBD3J, 20RBD3L, 20RBD3LA+, 20RBD3SF, 20RBD4A+EN, 20RBD4A+PT, 20RBD4APT, 20RBD4APT, 20RBD4L, 20RBD4LA+, 20RBD4LA+, 20RBD4LA+, 20RBD4LA+, 20RBD4LA+, 20RBD4LA+, 20RBD4LA+, 20RID1L, 20RID2A+, 20RID3, 20RID3A+SF, 20RID3J, 20RID3L, 20RID3LA+, 20RID3LA+/1SB540W, 20RID3LDK, 20RID3S , 20RID3SA+, 20RID3SF, 20RID3SFWSBS, 20RID4, 20RID4A+EN, 20RID4A+EN, 20RID4AESPRESSO, 20RID4ESPRESSO, 20RID4ESPRESSO, 20RID4ESPRESSO, 20RID4EXPRESSO, 20RID4L, 20RID4LA, 20RID4LA+, 20RID4PT, 20RUD1J601, 20RUD2A+, 20RUD3, 20RUD3600, 20RUD3A+SF, 20RUD3J, 20RUD3J, 20RUD3J600, 20RUD3JA+600, 20RUD3JJ, 20RUD3L, 20RUD3LA+/1, 20RUD3S, 20RUD3S, 20RUD3SA+, 20RUD3SF, 20RUD3SF, 20RUD4, 20RUD4A+EN, 20RUD4A+EN, 20RUD4APT/4A+EN, 20RUD4L, 20RUD4LA+, 20RWD1L, 20RWD3, 20RWD3A+SF, 20RWD3L, 20RWD3LA+, 20RWD 20RWD3SF, 20SIL4, 20SIL4A+, 20SIL4A+P, 20SIL4A+PG, 20SIL4A+PG, 20TBL4, 20TBL4A+, 20TBL4A+, 20TIL4, 20TIL4A+, 20TIL4DK, 20TILAA+, 20TML4, 20TML4A+, 20TML4A+, 25RID4, 25RID4A+, 25RID4A+PT, 25RID4PT, 25RID4PT, 25RID4PT, 25RID4PT, 25RWD4, 25RWD4PT, 27RSSD4S, 27RSSD4S, 27RSD4SBSDUBAISUBTROPICAL, 27RWD4S, 27RWD4S, 29DFWD4S, 3KS20DRCB, 3KS20DRSB22, ARC7ARC558/AQUA, IX ARC7558AQUA, ARC7559AQUA, ARC7559IXAQUA, ARC7699IXAQUA, ART745, ARZ726, ARZ735, ARZ735S, ARZ737, ARZ740B, ARZ742, ARZ767, AWG555 6, BCD501E6SSD, BCD508E6SD, CFS811S, FFA540900, FFWW2VAF20/0, FRAA2VAF20/0, FRAA36AF, FRAA36AF2, FRAA36AF20/2, FRBB2VAF20/0, FRBB36AF, FRBB36AF2, FRBB36AF20/2, FRSB36AF, FRSB36AF2, FRSB36AF20/2, FRSB36AF20/3, FRSS2VAF2, FRSS2VAF20, FRSS2VAF20/0, FRSS2VAF20/2, FRSS2VD3J, FRSS36AF, FRSS36AF20, FRSS36AF20, FRSS36AF20/2, FRSS36AF20/2, FRSS36AF20/3, FRSS36AF25, FRSS36AF25/3, FRSS36AF25/3, FRSS36AF25/3A+, FRUU2VAF2, FRUU2VAF20/0, FRUU2VAF2V20/2, FRUU36AF2, FRUU36AF20 /2, FRWW2VAF, FRWW2VAF20, FRWW2VAF20/0, FRWW36AF25, FRWW36AF25/3, FRWW3VAF20/2, FRWW3VAF20/2BLANC, FTSB36AF20, FTSB36AF20/3, FTSS36AF20/3, G25EFSB23IX, GC2027HNKBS, GRBB20/0L, GRBB2V, GRBB2V20/0, GRSS20/0L, GRSS2V, GRSS2V20/0, GRUU2V, GRUU2V20/0, KGN7060, KGN7070, KSN775/A+, MC2027HEKB, S20BIL4A+, S20BRBB20, S20BRBB22A/G, S20BRSB/RSS/RWW, S20BRSB21, S20BRSB21A/G, S20BRSS, S20BRSS31, S20BRSS31A/G, S20BRWW, S20BRWW20, S20BRWW22A/G, S20BTSB21, S20BTSB21A/G, S20BTSS, S20BTSS21A/G, S20BTSS21IX, S20CCSS31, S20CRBB22A/G, S20CRWW22A/G, S20DRBB, S20DRBB32, S20DRBB32A/G, S20DRSB, S20DRSB/RBB, S20DRSB33, S20DRSB33A, S20DRSB33A/G, S20DRSS, S20DRSS33, S20DRSS33A/G, S20DRWWWW, S20DRWW32, S20DRWW32A/G, S20DTS20DTSS33AG, S20DTSB, S20DTSB(NOIR), S20DTSB33, S20DTSB33A/G, S20DTSS, S20DTSS33A/G, S20EFII23, S20EFII23A, S20ERAA, S20ERAA1V, S20ERAA2V, S20ERAA2V/AG, S20ERAA2VSIDEBYSIDEFF, S20ERAA32, S20ERAA32A/G, S20ERBB2V, S20ERSB33A/H, S20ERSS2V S20ERSS2VS, S20ERSS2VSIDEBYSIDE, S20ERSS33, S20ERSS33A/H, S20ERSS33A+/H, S20ERWW, S20ERWW2V, S20ERWW2V/AG, S20ETSM33A/G , S20FRAA1V, S20FRAA2V, S20FRSS33A/G, S20RUD3, S22DDSS23, S22DDSS23A/G, S25BIHS, S25BRSB31A/G, S25BRSS, S25BRSS31, S25BRSS31A/G, S25BRWW, S25BRWW20, S25BRWW20A/G, S25BRWW22A/G, S25CCBB31A, S25CCSS31, S25CCSS31A, S25CFTT3XDF, S25CRSB31A/G, S25CRSS3DF, S25CRTT3DF, S25CRWW2DF, S25DRBB33, S25DRBB33A/G, S25DRSS, S25DRSS33, S25DRSS33A/G, S25DRSS33AA, S25DRSS333AG, S25DR SSSSIX, S25DRWW, S25DRWW33A/G, S26S5DF, S26W3DF, S27CRSS3DF, S27DGRSS3DF, S27DGRWW3DF, S29DGDWW3DF, S29DGFWW3DF, SB540W, SRSS2VAF20/0, US20RI, US20RIL, US20RILINOX, US20RU, US20RUL, WRE21SRSS, WRE26SRSS, WRED58SL, WSC5533, WSC5533A+N, WSC5533A+N, WSC5533A+N, WSC5533A+S, WSC5533A+S600, WSC5533A+W, WSC5533A+X, WSC5533A+X, WSC5533AW, WSC5533S, WSC5533X600, WSC5534A+X, WSC5553, WSC5553A+N, WSC555+N, WSC55+X, WSC5553A+X, WSC5 5553LA+N, WSC5555, WSC5555A+N, WSC5555A+N, WSC5555A+S, WSC5555A+X, WSC5555A+X, WSC5555X, WSC55556, WSE5521, WSE5521A+S, WSE5530A+W, WSE5530KX, WSE5530N, WSE5530N, WSE5530S, WSE5530S, WSE5530X, WSE5530X, WSE5531, WSE5531A+S, WSE5531A+SL, WSE5531A+WL, WSE5531A+X, WSE5531A+XL, WSE7525W, WSE7525X, WSF5556A+X, WSF5574, WSG5556A+M, WSG5556A+M, WSG5556A+W, WSN555+A+N, WSN55555 5554A+W, WSN5554A+X, WSN5554A+X, WSN5556A+N, WSN5556A+W, WSN5556A+X, WSS55555A+SB540W, XBZ800AENF,

      SBS5400, SBS5400IG,

      KRSC9005/A+, KRSC9006/A, KRSC9011, KRSC9011, KRSC9015,

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      Filter Refrigerator Mod. 6002A

      Filter Refrigerator Mod. 6002A

      Filter for various brands of refrigerators.

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