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    HIDROMATIK AUTO 27 - Caldeira a Pellets - OLIMATIK
    • HIDROMATIK AUTO 27 - Caldeira a Pellets - OLIMATIK

    HIDROMATIK AUTO 27 - Pellet Boiler - OLIMATIK


      Automatic pellet boiler of 27 Kw.

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      This boiler, designed so that its consumption is as low as possible,for this it uses a robust burning body, manufactured with steel of great thickness and the highest quality,pass exchangers of high efficiency fumes as well as retarders in refractory stainless steel that aim to further increase efficiency and the same top as a cleaning system of them. The passages of fumes have been so improved that it can achieve a yield of 94%. This is valuable to those who buy it, because you can be sure that you will have an efficient and durable equipment in your home. This boiler, in addition to the aforementioned quality, also has a good appearance, careful and pleasant lines, associated with an unmatched robustness. This boiler is guaranteed to be one of the most efficient on the market in its segment.


      Main advantages of hydromatik auto 27 boiler:

      High Efficiency: 94%
      6 Power Levels: Adjustable from 11.3 Kw to 26.7 Kw.
      Rated Power: 26.8 Kw
      Reservoir: Capacidede 200 Kg.
      Display: Oversized touch.
      Electronics: Latest generation of optimized algorithms.
      Automatic Operation: Firing/automatic feeding.
      Audible and Written Alarms: Alerts the user to the existence of anomalies.
      Chrono function: Allows the customer to schedule, daily, weekly and weekend.
      Thermostat/Chronothermostat: Compatible with all existing models on the market.
      Maximum Security: Boiler temperature control, sanitary hot water temperature control, flame anti-return system, flame-demeaning system, and dual safety thermostat.
      Ultra Easy Cleaning: Automatic cleaning of burner and exchangers
      Maintenance: Automatic anomaly diagnosis system, hourly counter that alerts with written message the user for general cleaning of the boiler after recording operation of 1500 hours. Easy access to all boiler components. It is not necessary to disassemble enclosures.
      Hydraulic System: Possibility of various hydraulic schemes.



      High durability.

      For greater durability of our products, all its surroundings are doubly treated (zinc plate with epoxy electrostatic final treatment).





      This HYDROMATIK AUTO 27 model can be controlled by any existing environmental chronothermostat on the market or by one of our even more efficient optional devices:


      2Ways2- Wireless radio bidirectional communication device with boiler, has in addition to all boiler display functions the ambient chronothermostat function. It also gives access to the technical menu for software management.


      Wifi - Hardware device for boiler electronic board interface with local Wifi Router. This allows you to access your boiler wherever you are. This device is associated with an app named 4Heat, it can be installed on your smartphone or tablet (IOS or Android).



      These innovations comes to provide you with greater comfort and greater energy efficiency in your home.

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      HIDROMATIK AUTO 27 - Pellet Boiler - OLIMATIK

      HIDROMATIK AUTO 27 - Pellet Boiler - OLIMATIK

      Automatic pellet boiler of 27 Kw.

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